Rectangle End Cap – Radius Edge

$1.65 - $11.10

Our end caps are available in a range of sizes (shown in mm).

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Our rectangle end cap (radius edge), is a CNC machined aluminium cap that is designed to be knocked in with a rubber mallet firmly for a permanent fit, no adhesive or weld required. Finish your project off with a long lasting quality cap, made in-house on our CNC machining centres with precise accuracy to guarantee the perfect fit. A beveled edge on the underside makes for easy installation. This product is often used in the aluminium architectural and balustrading industry.

  • Easy installation, just tap into place
  • Product can be powder coated, wood grain imaged or anodised
  • Long lasting end cap solution

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100x16x1.4 R3, 100x25x2 R3, 100x25x3 R6, 100x50x2 R3, 100x50x3 R6, 100x50x6 R8, 125x50x3 R6, 150x50x3 R6, 200x50x3 R6, 250x50x3 R6, 300x50x3 R6, 37x16x1.2 R3, 38.1×25.4×2.4 R3, 38.1×25.4×3.2, 38x16x1.2 R3, 38x16x1.4 R3, 38x25x1.2 R3, 38x25x1.5 R3, 38x25x2 R3, 38x25x3 R3, 40x20x2 R2, 40x25x3 R3, 50x25x1.6 R3, 50x25x2 R3, 50x25x3 R3, 50x40x3 R3, 60x40x2.1 R3, 65x16x1.2 R3, 65x16x1.4 R3, 70x30x2 R3, 75x25x2 R3, 75x50x3 R6, 76.2×25.4×3.2 R3, 76.2×38.1×3.2 R10, 76.2×50.8×2.4 R3, 76.2×50.8×3.2 R3, 80x40x3 R3, 80x50x3 R6